Give your party its glow up with FunClick personalized, self-hosted game
show. personalize your own trivia questions, or use one premade games
keep your guests captivated, stimulated and exhilarated all party long.

NEW! Light-sticks clickers for added thrill!



Funclick lite is a self hosted trivia game show. The questions can be selected from a pre made show, or customized (For example in a family setting “How many years are Zaidy and Bubby married for”, “What’s uncle Ze’ev’s middle name”, “Which aunt is famous for her incredible potato kugel”). The game also allows for media (Pictures or video) to be entered before and after each question, so for example a small fragment of a picture can be entered, with the question “name this picture” and once the timer runs out, the full picture will be shown.

The player will then be prompted to choose from a list of answers (the system supports up to five answers, we recommend using no more than 3), using the button on the remote that corresponds to the correct answer. The question will remain on the screen for the amount of time predetermined by the host. Once the timer has ended, each players remote will light up green for a correct answer, red for incorrect, and white if the player didn’t answer.

The game will track the accuracy and speed of each player, and will show the top 3 winners (and each players score) at the end of the game.

A basic rental is $799. This includes the game software and 50 light-up remotes, and will be delivered to your location a day before the show, and picked up the following day.

A standard question will take about 1.5 minutes, and we recommend up to 35 questions. The system currently is configured to allow up to 45 questions.

English Hebrew and Yiddish are supported

A basic laptop, and a screen or projector large enough for all participants to see (We do offer equipment rentals for an additional fee starting at $250 for a projector)

Sure, all you need to do is create a free account at https://app.funclickgames.
com/account/games and you can build your entire game for free.

Yes, please contact us for more information and pricing


It was really amazing, everyone really enjoyed!
Mrs. B.
Lakewood, NJ
Thursday, December 29 2022
Bh it was an amazing success. We are done.
Mrs. P.
Lakewood, NJ
Monday ,December 26 2022
Worked out so nicely. Was the biggest hit!!! Everyone agreed it was the best entertainment ever
Mrs. F.
Lakewood, NJ
Sunday, December 25 2022
My parents both called today, so did F & R & S, they said they never had such a good time
Mrs. W.
Brooklyn, NY
Friday, December 23 2022
The girls kept on saying that they never had anything like it!!!! The energy was amazing and they’re all on a high:) , the teachers and the girls were all blown away!!!
Mrs. J.
Lakewood, NJ
Thursday, December 22 2022
It was so awesome!! So amazing!! Everybody loved it! Thank you so much
Mrs. M.
Monsey, NY
Sunday, January 20 2023

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